What is the difference betweenNoandNo, thank you? How many timesdo we have to be reminded of our imperfect condition untilwe are comfortable enough to be human,To be flawed? Limitless thoughts and ideas and words make forLimitless arguments and conflicts and offensesBut I know the difference between right and wrongAnd I realize my brain is filled … More Human


The rain has wet the earth every day since you left it.I think about the last time I saw you with breath in your lungs and I want to go back and live in those quiet moments, just long enough so that I can remind you that one day, life will be worth living. One … More Grief

I want to write about you, for you. But I can’t, not yet. It’s been a week and I miss you so much. Never being able to talk to you again is breaking my heart in pieces. I love you, dad.

Hand To Hold

You are everything, everythingAnd I am merely tryingTrying to give you something to hold on toTo bring us all the way homeTo drag us, broken and bruisedAll the way to Paradise This crazy life doesn’t have to amountTo eighty or so years of futilityWe don’t have to go back to dustWe don’t have to say … More Hand To Hold

Everything we need

How wonderful it is To wake up when the light of the morning is speaking in soft whispers through the lace covered windowsTo drink in my surroundings that blanket me with warmth and an indescribable peace.It was always you. Today, I count my blessings and I realize they are too abundant to keep track ofHow … More Everything we need