Letters to Wes

My love,

Life is about balance. You may have to read this multiple times to connect the dots. You will have a language inside of you all your own that someday, someone will try to decode. Maybe it will work, and that may be up to you to allow it.

Take your challenges day by day, difficulty by difficulty, and don’t forget to be thankful. Know that your father loves you, but he may not know how to show it in the way that keeps your roots grounded and your petals vibrant. Know that he tries. Love him anyway.

Know that people may forget your name, your face, but they will always remember how you made them feel.

Sometimes, it is okay to not know what you’re doing. Sometimes, it is enough to just be. Please know that your sins can be forgiven without great loss, without the need to carve them into you when the weight you carry seems to be too much. There will be things you want to hold on to, but you will find that some things are okay to let go.

Above all, never forget that I love you. I will weather any storm for you, I will carry the weight of things you cannot bear. I will love you fiercely, endlessly, and honestly. I love you. Never forget.

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