Sister Devil

I watched you out of the corner of my eye
Slipping poison down your throat
Scratching lies into the walls of our parents’ house
Until our Mother fell broken and my Father’s heart skipped one more time than he could take.

I saw you smile at yourself and the destruction that lie before you
And I wonder which version of yourself you will clothe yourself with today
as you slip back under the black water after coming up for air for eight days. Which monster will you be this time?

You drive your tongue deeper down your own throat
And I warn you
If you try to swallow yourself whole, it might just work
and I think you want to,
I think you do.

You are always in the wrong place
At the right time
With just enough nostalgia to carry you through to the next ten seconds
But not enough patience to find out what it would be like to carry yourself into the next day without becoming the devil’s companion.

To me,
you are a day late and a million dollars short
and I can’t save you, since drowning seems like a sweet, sorrowful priority.
I will let you go,
take your poison
and disappear.  

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