All things nice, true, and real

Do you know what is nice?
When you press your fingertips up to your throat,
feel the gentle beat of your pulse
focus on the da-dum, da-dum, da-dum…
you are alive
and that is nice.

Do you know what is true?
It is the feeling of someone else against your chest
when you can feel their heart beat and remember
that this is real and
and honest
and you are not alone.
Someone else’s rib cage houses different feelings than you have felt, and they may need you, too.

Do you know what is real?
Looking into someone’s eyes-
passages to the soul, so they say,
and knowing that they are the flesh and bones that will be the reason that everything will be alright.
Knowing that the stars will never fall from the sky, but if they did, you would be okay, because you have a hand to hold.

You are alive.
This is nice
this is true
this is real.

This is everything.

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