For a Friend (you’re worth more than you feel you are)

If anyone asks,
I am okay
My mask is nowhere near cracked
and I am strong
I am resilient 
I am present. 
I am still smiling underneath the warmth of the sun
And I can be the rock that everyone needs
So they can feel okay, too.
Look at me (but not too closely)
I am okay, 
I promise.

If anyone asks,
I’m alright, I guess
I feel a little tired lately
And there seems to be a fog right behind my eyes
And I still enjoy the salt on my skin 
and the way my body shivers when I sit near the ocean
But I’ve been finding myself wondering what would happen
If I walked toward the waves
And just didn’t turn around.
I’m alright though,

If anyone asks, 
I think I need some help
And I am afraid of the dark places in my mind.
I have watched a lot of news lately and from what I can tell,
Everyone is bad
Everything is dangerous
And the world is riddled with too many problems for any of mine to matter.
I think I need someone 
But I don’t know where to start. 

If anyone asks,
I am ready for something different
And I see the signs that flash bright yellow that say
“Do Not Stop on Tracks”
and I wonder what would happen if I did.
I take long breaths and short ones and I wonder what is worth it and why.

I know that I am one in eight billion 
But do I have the strength to understand 
that I am someone’s 
One and Only?
My mask is cracking under the pressure and I am ready for a new start.

If anyone asks,


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