Salutations to all.

Hi, world. My name is Emily. I’m an Event Planner for a City in Florida. Despite having to work secularly (you know, to pay bills and such) I am Mom to Wesley, the cutest baby in the world (but all of our babies are the cutest, right?) When Wesley was two months old, he was diagnosed with congenital glaucoma, a condition that affects the eye pressure, which has brought enough pain and suffering on its own. Still, he’s gone through three surgeries, and will go through another one in March.
I’m starting this site because I feel that I have a lot to share. Sure, there are a lot of “mom blogs” out there, but Wesley is special in that he’s dealing with a condition that only one in ten thousand babies are born with. I wanted to start a website where I can share our stories, share love and encouragement, and even post some of my creative works that have helped me to release some of my own anxiety.
Anyway, thanks for coming. It’s nice to meet you