There are certain lessons that I have learned that have eaten me alive. They have chewed me up into scraps of nothing, spit me out, only for me to crawl through the darkness, struggling to find a safe space among ravenous wolves. There are certain lessons that I have learned which could not be taught … More Lessons

Rabbit Hole

Every dayI go down the rabbit hole. Someone I do not knowis hearing in colors Someone I think I knowis dreaming in black and white Someone I pass, silently, is screaming inside of themselveswords that aren’t in orderbecause they don’t know how to say“Please help me.” Every dayI trace the scars my eighteen year old … More Rabbit Hole

Little Puppet Girl

Dear Pretty Girl, Listen to me. I know how it goes, I’ve been there. First of all, I’d like to say, I’m sorry for your loss, but I’ll get to that later. For now, you’re drinking away your sorrows because goddammit you have sorrows and you’re absolutely sure that you will never find respect and … More Little Puppet Girl


Once I read a work of fiction. Someone penned it from their imagination, much like some of the greatest love stories ever told. It gave words to someone who never existed but inside of the mind of someone who may have known me better than I’ve ever known myself. It spoke to me in ways … More Towers