Postpartum Anything

When I became pregnant with Wesley, I worried that I would potentially suffer from postpartum depression. I worried about this because I have spoken to therapists in the past who told me that yes, I do have anxiety, but yes, there are healthy ways to cope with it. When Wesley was born, I was over … More Postpartum Anything

Letters to Wes

My love, Life is about balance. You may have to read this multiple times to connect the dots. You will have a language inside of you all your own that someday, someone will try to decode. Maybe it will work, and that may be up to you to allow it. Take your challenges day by … More Letters to Wes

Watering the seedling: Combating Fears and Accomplishing Goals

Here’s the situation: I’ve always felt that I’ve been a “jack of all trades, master of none” type of person since I figured out how to skip classes in high school and still get more-than-acceptable grades. I’ve tried painstakingly hard to accomplish some goals, while others I let sort of mingle around in the “I’ll … More Watering the seedling: Combating Fears and Accomplishing Goals