Before You.

I remember who I was before you, but I don’t remember why. I tiptoed around sanity like it was my job to stay blissfully crazy. I picked flowers with no understanding of why they need to stay rooted to grow. I stayed off the ground because it was safer in my mind to never touch … More Before You.

Hold On

I longed for something that I used to have. I squeezed it until all the blood drained and what I was left with was an empty shell of myself, wondering what happened to who I thought I was. I suffocated us and I left one day feeling cold and useless. I filled myself with anything … More Hold On


There are tiny little scars that have since turned from purple to an almost unnoticeable skin tone, ones that used to be wounds larger than my heart. I have heard different opinions on life and love and friendship, I have tried to defy the odds and I have let multiple mouths tell the story of … More Peace


I adjust my bed so it is in the middle of the room Against nothing Like a pontoon stranded in the middle of the ocean Dark and Vast and Unforgiving. Falling asleep to build up courage because I Am afraid Of everything. I pack my suitcase then I walk out the door. I turn around. … More Oceans

Rabbit Hole

Every dayI go down the rabbit hole. Someone I do not knowis hearing in colors Someone I think I knowis dreaming in black and white Someone I pass, silently, is screaming inside of themselveswords that aren’t in orderbecause they don’t know how to say“Please help me.” Every dayI trace the scars my eighteen year old … More Rabbit Hole